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  • CS Corporation

    CS Corporation has been leading
    activated carbon manufacturing market
    for a long time through its competitive
    products and supply capabilities.

  • Vision

    We pursue humanity to be
    in harmony with nature by using
    Green materials and make bigger contribution
    to local society with innovative thinking
    and full commitment.

  • Business

    Through impeccable and
    perfect performance, we have the
    vision to grow beyond the
    local market and expand globally.

CS Corporation
provides a variety of activated carbon products.

CS Corporation always does its best to meet customer's needs.

We have supply channels for high-quality activated carbons produced in the United States, Europe, Japan, as well as those with excellent grades from China, Philippines, India, etc.

By utilizing our network, the activated carbon products we provide are widely used for water purification plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and air purification. Its applications are also expanding into industrial use, military gas masks, air and water purifiers, deodorizers, construction and automobile VOC adsorbents, as well as daily necessities.

CS Corporation successfully realized VOC desorption and reduction recycling technology, and produce activated carbon with highly developed, efficient products.

CS Corporation provides technical consultation services for developers based on years of experience. We have the ability to propose products that best suit our customer's initiative.


  • Activated Carbon
    (Commodity Grade)

    Coconut shell-based and coal-based activated carbon for water & air purification, wastewater treatment, and ultrapure water treatment. Moreover, wood-based products are also available for food and pharmaceutical processes, as well as solvent recovery.

  • Functional Activated Carbon

    We supply activated carbon used in automobile canisters and power plants. High-quality activated carbon for EDLC, as well as CATALER catalyst products are also available.

  • Home and Industrial Filters

    CS Corporation has been developing filters for air purification using high-quality activated carbon for home and industrial use, and materials suitable for industrial masks.

  • Coconut Shell

    We import and supply coconut shell-based activated carbon through a sorting system, which includes raw material collecting, foreign substance removal, drying, screening, and packaging. The process usually takes place in coconut charcoal production sites located in South Asia.

  • Activated Carbon Replacement

    Having the largest portion for supplying carbon in the domestic municipal water plant market, we not only supply products to municipal governments and Korea Water Resources Corporation, but also provide activated carbon replacement service for adsorption towers in industrial sites and wastewater filter system.

  • Activation

    Using the most advanced heat treatment facilities, we regenerate and develop activated carbon that matches clients' demand.


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